Fiona McCLean, of British nationality, in 2002, moved from England to 'La Drome' region in France where she has remained since.

Fiona has shown regularly with the New Grafton Gallery, London and The Merriscourt Gallery, Oxford. She has also participated in group shows with other galleries including the Logos Gallery, London, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 
Collyer- Bristow Gallery, London and Modern Art Oxford, Oxford. During her time in France Fiona completed a project with Art in Situ. Her work is in private collections in Britain, Ireland and France.  Recently a painting was selected for
the 2016 Salon d'Automne, Paris. 



I have been encouraged to take an experimental approach to Fine Art and as a result, for my degree, I specialised in performance and text based work. However, after leaving University I concentrated on learning the technique of painting. In discovering I could communicate my ideas with oil painting I have consistently worked with this medium.  My mother’s determination and passion as an artist has inspired me. 

While living in France, I have been motivated by the beauty of the country to paint churches, villages, trees, and cafes, as well as familiar objects like kitchen utensils. During the last three years I have concentrated on interiors and am working on a series based on chairs. Chairs symbolise to me a transition, we can take a pause in the day to reflect, rest or wait for a person, or an event to happen. 

Drawing forms an essential part in the creation of a painting. I use a drawing as a reference.  I paint or draw my subject, in detail, from life. Oil paints are my chosen medium as they endure and they also enable me to work on the painting over
several weeks. My approach is figurative subjective. I have always chosen themes which have a personal meaning.

My chosen subject, chairs and interiors continue to inspire me and also enable me to explore other themes like light and color. I see each painting as a part of a single ongoing process.